Beaumont Brunch – Enjoy Friends and Good Times at Suga’s Deep South Cuisine

Beaumont Brunch Spotlight – Good food and good friends come together at Suga’s.

Beaumont brunches are more than enjoyable meals – they are a social time to be shared with our Southeast Texas family and friends.

Southeast Texans are always on the go- rush, rush, rush. This weekend take the time to slow down and enjoy life with an fine dining Beaumont Tx, romantic restaurant Beaumont Tx, live jazz Beaumont Txelegant brunch at Suga’s Deep South Cuisine.

Whether you choose to dine in Suga’s beautiful dining room or on the elegant New Orleans style patio, you will have the perfect environment to enjoy your friends, your meal, and your life at Suga’s.

Here are some highlights from Suga’s extensive downtown Beaumont brunch menu:

  • Suga’s Crepes. Choice of blueberry or strawberry creme crepes with mixed greens and fresh fruits. They remind me of a lighter version of the blintzes served in better NY Jewish Restaurants.
  • Smoked Salmon Platter. Assorted Fresh Fruit, Artisan Cheeses, Smoked Salmon and Crackers. This always takes me back to the cafe at the London National Gallery.
  • Catfish & Eggs. Two Deep Fried Catfish Filets with Two Eggs any Style and House made Cheese Grits. It’s classically Southern, but somehow trendy and fresh at the same time.
  • Suga’s Steak and Eggs Mornay. 14 oz. Fire Roasted Rib eye with Two Poached Eggs topped with Mornay Sauce with Hash Browns and Grilled Tomatoes. As a younger man, I probably would have enjoyed eating this every week. I would still really, really enjoy eating about 1/2 of it! Delicious- and filling.

Browse Suga’s full brunch menu.

Don’t forget- Suga’s is home of Beaumont’s jazz brunch.

Most Sundays will feature a wonderful Beaumont jazz or contemporary artist.

Suga’s definitely has the ambiance and wonderful food for a first class Beaumont Brunch.

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Suga's Deep South Cuisine


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