Beaumont Fine Dining – Suga’s Domestic Lamb Chops

Suga’s brings fine dining to Downtown Beaumont: carefully chosen ingredients, chefs with artistic as well as culinary vision, and fine dining Beaumont Txa historic building that lends a dramatic backdrop to every meal.

When Beaumont diners are looking for something truly special, like domestic lamb chops, they flock downtown to Suga’s.

At Suga’s, Beaumont diners appreciate the artistic approach chefs bring to dishes like the Domestic Lamb Chops.

The Suga’s take on lamb chops elevates what you may have experienced at other fine restaurants:

  • Pan Seared Lamb Chops topped with Suga’s black fig sauce
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto
  • An Asparagus Crepe

The British, and even the French, would be hard pressed to offer lamb chops with this combination of visual presentation and flavor in a backdrop of this elegance.

Suga’s really delivers Beaumont fine dining.

461 Bowie Street, Downtown Beaumont.

(409) 813-1808

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