Beaumont Wine Lovers Discover Texas Vineyard Treasures at Wine Styles Dowlen Road

Wine Styles Beaumont has been pairing Southeast Texas wine aficionados  with some truly wonderful wines for a few years now.

WineStyles has become the go to Beaumont wine bar- and wine shop- for many Southeast Texas wine lovers.

One of the cool things experiences to discover a great little known or up and coming  Texas winery while you are at Wine Styles Beaumont.

Right now, Wine Styles Dowlen Road has a real treasure for you to discover – the Haak Vineyards Texas Tempranillo. wine bar Beaumont TX

Haven’t heard of Haak Vineyards? Don’t worry, they are a rising star. You can be one of the first in your Southeast Texas wine circle to discover them.

Haak Vineyards isn’t just a Texas winery- it is practically in our backyard.

Haak Vineyards is right down road in Galveston County, between Galveston and Alvin.

They are winning fame for their Blanc du Bois (several varieties – sweet, dry, semi-sweet, Reserve), Malbec, Cabernet, and other fine wines.

One of their standouts is available at Wine Styles Beaumont– their Haak Vineyards Texas Tempranillo.

Texas Wine enthusiasts praise this Texas Tempranillo. Uncork a bottle and experience hints of fine dark chocolate in the aroma. Swirl a little in a red wine glass as you hold it up to the light and take in the deep, velvety color.

Take a sip and your taste buds will be pleased with competing flavors- strawberry, jalapeno, perhaps a faint hint of oak. Texas Winery Haak Vineyards

The Haak Vineyards Texas Tempranillo is a wonderful blend of old world style with true Texas flavor.

Discover it today at Wine Styles Beaumont.

Love the wine? Visit the Vineyard.

Haak has a lovely facility sure to please Southeast Texas wine lovers looking for an easy daytrip from anywhere in Southeast Texas.

Discover fine Texas, US, and international wines today at Beaumont’s wine bar – WineStyles on Dowlen.

There’s something for every Southeast Texas wine lover at Winestyles Beaumont.


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