Calling All Harley Riders

Wanted to share a special message we received this morning Brandy Jo Fontenot Miller, daughter of a fellow rider – Cedric Fontenot…since it is very timely and happening today, please pass on to those that can join Cedric. This call goes out to ALL Riders!

“Can you share this story? It’s kind of a big deal to me because last year, 2 days after my birthday, My dad was run off the road on his Motorcycle and suffered some pretty bad injuries. He’s back up on that horse, and volunteering for this ride at his own expense… Please invite all Harley riders from the Golden triangle to meet up today (3/26) at 3pm. My dad Cedric Fontenot a lead rider in the 2012 Prostate Cancer Pony Express will be arriving at Cowboy Harley in Beaumont and we would appreciate riders from the area showing him their support and even riding along as escorts along any portion of the route. The more the louder! He is one of many harley riders participating in this 50 state relay for awareness. He will be visiting the office of the Governor on Wed. March 28th, in Austin Texas. You can read more from his letter below about his journey”.

Below is the letter.. and you can donate online to this cause by clicking here
*For other bike riders too! you can folow the riders live here … 


Based on the Pony Express that was the only means of communication between the east and west prior to the civil war, The Prostate Cancer Pony Express Motorcycle Relay will deliver a message to every statehouse in the United States regarding the seriousness of prostate cancer and the importance of every male 35 and older to have a PSA test performed annually.

The journey began Saturday March 17th 2012 in Daytona Beach Florida and after traveling all 50 states by motorcycle, will end in Washington D.C. on September 9th  with a declaration letter proclaiming September as National Prostate Cancer Awareness month to be presented to Congress.

As lead-rider for the Texas leg of the relay, I will receive a “saddle bag” containing a journal with names of victims as well as survivors along with a letter addressed to the governor to declare September as Prostate Cancer Awareness month in Texas.

My journey as a lead rider begins with the “saddle bags” received from a rider from Louisiana.

  • We will have a meet up at Cowboy Harley in Beaumont Texas on March 26th at 3pm.  I’d like to personally thank the marketing manager there for coordinating this event.
  • On Tuesday we ride to San Antonio for a brief stop at Alamo City Harley Davidson at 1pm.
  • Wed, March 28th, we will meet a 1pm at the Capitol in Austin to present the office of the governor with a letter requesting the proclamation.
  • From there a rider from Arizona will continue the relay to the next statehouse in New Mexico and continue until all 50 statehouses are visited.

Over 240,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and Over 30,000 died from this terrible disease last year.

Please help me spread this message and please encourage your friends and loved ones to be checked annually.

Best Regards,
Cedric Fontenot, Lead Rider # 61
You may also visit the website for more information at Prostate Cancer Pony Express.

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