Enjoy a great Vidor Hamburger at Novrozsky’s

When you’re looking for a great Vidor hamburger, head straight to Novrozsky’s.

The need for a burger fix can hit any time, without a moment’s warning. When it hits in Vidor, stop at Novrozsky’s for one of Southeast Texas’ best burgers.

Novrozsky’s uses Nolan Ryan beef, so you know you’re getting the best quality .

novrozsky's nolan ryan banner


When you get your burger, you’ll notice something special.

At Novrozsky’s, the meat is on top of the bun.

Now take a bite.

It does make a difference, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to believe that a little touch like that adds so much to the enjoyment of your burger, but it really does.

At Novrozsky’s, they obviously think a lot about creating delicious burgers!

Novrozsky's Burger Beef on Top


When you get a craving for a burger in Vidor, satisfy it at Novrozsky’s.

Juicy. Delicious. Made to order.


1035 N Main St, Vidor, TX 77662
(409) 783-0524

Novrozsky's Nolan Ryan


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