Lamar University Sports Bar Kampus Korner Has Twelve Beers on Tap

Kampus Korner is the sports bar for the Lamar University community.Kampus Korner Miller Light Draft 500

Kampus Korner offers Lamar students, faculty, and fans a comfortable place to hangout and let off steam.

Kampus Korner is also a haven for Beaumont beer aficionados.

With twelve ice cold beers on tap, Kampus Korner is a magnet for Beaumont beer lovers.

Pull up a stool and choose from:

  • Karbach
  • Shiner Bock
  • Blue Moon
  • Santo
  • Ziegenbock
  • Stella ArtoisKampus Korner Lamar Sports Bar
  • Bud Light
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Natural Light
  • Coors Light
  • Miller Light
  • Land Shark

(seasonal beers are rotated in periodically – discover a new brew at Kampus Korner Lamar today)

Kampus Korner is a Lamar institution – grab an ice cold beer and share old memories or create new ones tonight.

Kampus Korner Blue Moon on Tap


Kampus Korner reminds you to drink responsibly. Take a cab, call a friend, or use the designated driver system.

A big Kampus Korner thank-you to Beaumont designated drivers.

Want to know more? Check out Beaumont’s Great Beer Great Responsibility campaign coordinated by Miller/Coors and Giglio Distributing Southeast Texas.

Great Beer Great Responsibity


Kampus Korner moving logo


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