NFL Playoffs SETX – Ravens Steelers Tonight at Beaumont Sports Bar Wings To Go

Don’t miss a minute of SETX NFL Playoff Action. Catch every minute of every game at Beaumont Sports Bar Wings to Go on Dowlen, near Parkdale Mall.

Today’s featured games are:

  • 3:20 Carolina Panthers -vs- Arizona Cardinals
  • 7:20 Pittsburgh Steelers -vs- Baltimore Ravens

Carolina and Arizona strive to prove their reputation as NFL rising powers. Only one can survive.

Arizona offers a more complete team, but they’ve had a true revolving door at quarterback due to injury.

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Carolina offers a redemption story for Cam Newton trying to reestablish himself as a franchise quarterback of the future.

If Panthers / Cardinals is an undercard, Steelers / Ravens is definitely a main event.

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A true rivalry game in every sense of the word. Forget what you’ve heard about Lions / Bears or Packers / Vikings, this is the NFL’s biggest rivalry.

Both teams have been powerhouse for a decade (owning 30% of the last nine year’s Super Bowl titles between them) and have fought tooth and nail each year to emerge from the brutal AFC North.

This is a rivalry where wide receivers have broken the jaws of defensive players and where quarterbacks have played with broken noses, ribs, and fingers.

This is big boy playoff football- gather your friends and head to Beaumont Sports Bar Wings to Go to catch every play.

Pittsburgh Steelers Bar Beaumont Tx

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