Port Arthur Tex Mex Specials Shine at La Suprema in October

When you’re looking for great Port Arthur Tex Mex specials, head to La Suprema in Nederland.

Conveniently located across from Central Mall, La Suprema has built a strong reputation with Mid County Mexican Food Lovers over four generations.

Tamales Southeast Texas La Suprema Port Arthur Thanksgiving

At La Suprema, each item is lovingly made from scratch – the tamales, the chile con carne.La Suprema Nederland

It’s really like they are cooking for family.

It’s no surprise that Mid County families flock to La Suprema for great Port Arthur Tex Mex to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations (don’t miss their great Gulf of Mexico seafood dishes like the La Suprema Crab Empanadas – delicious well seasoned crab meat served in flour shell, deep fried, topped w/guacamole & sour cream).

Celebrate Food and Family at La Suprema in Mid County.

La Suprema specials

EatDrinkSETX.com Insider Tip: While you’re at La Suprema ask them about their Mid County holiday catering options. Tamales are growing in popularity as a Thanksgiving & Christmas dish across the Golden Triangle. 

Tamales Southeast Texas La Suprema Mid County Thanksgiving

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