Southeast Texas Labor Day – Enjoy Responsibly!

Southeast Texas Labor Day celebrations are all about fun. Finally, a three day weekend. For those of us not working shift work, it’s  been a long time since we had the extra day to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

There are lots of great opportunities to enjoy this Labor Day across Southeast Texas.

Here are some ideas:

  • If you’ll be in Beaumont, consider a laid back brunch at Suga’s. If the weather cooperates enjoy the patio. If it’s hot, enjoy the beautiful art and décor in the main dining area.
  • If you are in Mid County, consider a stop at Beau Reve. Beau Reve also has a beautiful outdoor dining area and some of the best views – and food- in Southeast Texas.
  • Can’t fight the Tex Mex Fever? Visit La Suprema’s flagship location in Mid County for some of the best Southeast TexMex.
  • Looking to entertain some friends at home and avoid host stress? Swing by Boomtown Barbecue in Beaumont for great Southeast Texas barbecue with all the fixin’s.

Enjoy your Southeast Texas Labor Day from all of us at


suga's the heart of downtown beaumont


Beau Reve2


Beaumont's best barbecue


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