Southeast Texas Time Capsule – Remember the Rodair Club?

For Southeast Texas live music fans, the Rodair Club in Port Acres,  was a stronghold of Cajun music for many years.

Going to the Rodair Club was a family affair with most parents bringing their children to this Cajun club every weekend.

The Rodair Club in the big city of Port Acres was a hot spot of Cajun music, dancing and drinking for generations in Port Acres.

Southeast Texas Cajuns remember well the wooden floors and two-stepping to “Jolie Blon” (a song recently featured in James Lee Burke’s Dave Robichaux novels)  as children, then teens, and still later as adults. Some remember dancing with their parents, their spouses, and then their own children.

rodair club port neches tx

Although the Rodair Club has been closed since 2004, it remains a place of Southeast Texas live music  legend in Port Acres.

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