Suga’s Deep South Offers Great Beaumont Live Music Downtown this Weekend

Savvy Beaumont live music fans will be heading downtown this weekend to Suga’s Deep South Cuisine.

Suga’s will be offering Beaumont live music fans a chance to catch regional favorites Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday during their signature Suga’s Beaumont Brunch.

earl collins suga's beaumont jazz club

Earl Collins – Live at Suga’s

Here’s this weekend’s Southeast Texas live music lineup at Suga’s Deep South Cuisine:

Friday – March 14th – Mickie Smith (6:30p – 10:30p)
Saturday – March 15th – Earl Collins (6:30p – 10:30p)
Sunday – March 16th – Kay Miller (11a – 3p)


Suga’s is a great Beaumont live music venue.

You have all of the ambiance of a great New Orleans style jazz club with world class fine dining – in downtown Beaumont!

Suga’s offers great food and wonderful live music, but it offers something more – wonderful memories. Years from now when you look back at the great moments of your life, you’ll be amazed at how many of them were at Suga’s.

Suga’s is the setting of Beaumont first dates, proposals, anniversary dinners, and date nights. Suga’s is where Beaumont celebrates relationships.

Mickey Smith Jr.

Mickey Smith Jr.

When great ambiance, fine dining, and wonderful music all come together it makes a pretty deep impression.

That’s what Suga’s Deep South Cuisine offers Beaumont.

If you haven’t discovered Suga’s, make a visit this weekend.

For dinner, drinks, or brunch, Suga’s is a wonderful environment for creating – and reliving – memories.

Whether you’re looking for great Beaumont live music, Beaumont fine dining, or the right ambiance in which to enjoy the company of someone truly special, you’ll find it all at Suga’s, the heart of downtown Beaumont.

Kay Miller - Live at Suga's

Kay Miller – Suga’s Brunch


suga's the heart of downtown beaumont




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