Looking for a great Beaumont Diner? Casual Entrees.

At EatDrinkSETX.com, we get a lot of requests for a great Beaumont diner.

There are Beaumont foodies who love diners – breakfast all day, eclectic menus, consistantly high quality food at a great value.

Casual Entree’s, located in the Peyton Place shopping center on the corner of Phelan and Peyton, is a Beaumont diner-style restaurant with family recipes that have been passed down for generations.  Owner Ernest Jackson, and wife Maria, opened this family owned and operated eatery with the idea of always satisfying the customer- nourishing both mind and spirit.

Casual Entrée’s has a large open dining room that feels intimate and can also accommodate large parties. The wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable with regards to the menu items. In addition to their regular menu selections they offer the following weeknight specials;

  • Wednesday nights is chicken and dumplings
  • Thursdays is spaghetti
  • Fridays is fajitas.
  • Thursdays from 3-7 they offer half price beer, wine, and appetizers.

On our visit we tried the hot wings from the Appetizer menu, served with homemade BBQ sauce for dipping. They were really good.  The sauce was tangy and an excellent match with spicy wings.

I really wish that I could write an entire article on, what has to be, my favorite meal in SETX thus far, Chicken and Waffles. While this meal is actually listed on the breakfast menu, the staff is happy to prepare it for you anytime of day. Maria recommended we try this on our visit and we were a little hesitant about eating the two together. When the plate was delivered to our table we had four pieces of crispy home-style chicken served with a perfectly made Belgian style waffle. With some coaxing from our server, Vonn, we added a little syrup to our chicken and took a bite, then quickly added lots of syrup and never looked back! This was absolutely the most delicious thing I have eaten since writing for EatDrinkSETX. So, much that we went back two days later and ate more this time each ordering our own plate!

I also recommend the Catfish Fillets, $9.95. Two large fillets (grilled or fried, I suggest fried) served with homemade tartar sauce that is excellent. The fried catfish, which is what I had, was the owner’s grandmothers’ recipe and is absolutely perfect. The meal is also served with your choice of two side items; try mashed potatoes and broccoli & cheese casserole.

Casual Entrees has perfected the family dinner with handed down recipes and years of experience.  They have wonderful and tasty menu choices from a home-style kitchen, where nothing starts out of a bag, box or a can. It’s cooking like you would do, if you could find time, but now you don’t have to because Ernest and Maria will always set a table for you at Casual Entrees Beaumont.

Are you looking for a great Beaumont diner? You’ll love Casual Entrees.

Have you been to Casual Entree’s? Let Amy know what you think.  Use the comment button below or drop her an email at amy.eatdrinksetx@gmail.com

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