Southeast Texas Craft Beer Review – Get Abita AndyGator at Miller’s Discount Liquor in Beaumont

Beumont Craft Beer ReviewAndyGator by Abita. Available in the Golden Triangle at Miller’s Discount Liquor.

Craft Beer Beaumont Tx

Good beer is delicious. Great beer is something to celebrate.

If you have an urge to try a new craft beer in Southeast Texas, head down Phelan to Miller’s Discount Liquor.

It wasn’t long ago when Europe ruled the landscape for Porter, Stout, Dopplebock, Belgian Style Ale, and other complex beer.

The American craft beer movement has largely turned the tables.craft beer Southeast Texas

If you are a fan of the great German Doppelbock’s, head down to Beaumont’s West End and pick up some Abita AndyGator Dopplelbock at Miller’s Discount Liquor on Phelan.

There is always something new to try at Miller’s Liquor in Beaumont.

It’s been over 20 years since Abita started exporting their excellent Louisiana craft beer to Texas – like their Purple Haze, still available and popular with Southeast Texas liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.

AndyGator is newer, but sure to become a favorite of Southeast Texas craft beer lovers who enjoy bocks like Shiner Bock or Celebrator’s Doppelbock.

Craft Beer Review Southeast Texas

Robust, fruity, and strong – coming in at 8% alcohol, this is another Abita craft beer that will stand the chance of time with SETX craft beer aficionados.

We’re living in an age when you can enjoy the world’s best craft beer – right here in Southeast Texas.

Get your Abita AndyGator at Miller’s Discount Liquor on Phelan.

5905 Phelan Blvd # B, Beaumont, TX 77706

(409) 866-8361

Miller’s Discount Liquor has a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Ask questions  and they can help you find your favorite craft beer – and to discover new ones.

craft beer review Southeast Texas

Click here for the Miller’s Discount Liquor Homepage.

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Southeast Texas Craft Beer Review.

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When you are looking to discover a new craft beer, wine, or spirit head down Phelan to Miller’s Discount Liquor – their knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.

craft beer reviews Beaumont Tx

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Craft Beer Review Beaumont Tx

Come to think of it, we could use some more Abita AndyGator for ourselves – we’ll see you at Miller’s Discount Liquor on Phelan.

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