2014 South Texas State Fair Attracts Beaumont Foodies

Beaumont foodies will  find a lot to like at the 2014 South Texas State Fair – and even more to explore.

Carnival food walks the line between “on the edge” of culinary creativity and “I have to sell a lot of this to pay the bills”.

Major home runs have been hit in the past by carnival vendors, some a hundred years ago and many much more recently.

Carnivals like the South Texas State Fair brought many of the major innovations that Beaumont foodies enjoy today:

  • The Ice Cream Cone (invented by a carnival waffle vendor working next to an ice cream vendor)
  • Pork on a Stick
  • Kettle Corn
  • Deep Fried Twinkies
South Texas State Fair Fried Twinkie

Fried Twinkie

The 2014 South Texas State Fair will have a tremendous variety of fun carnival food for our Southeast Texas foodies to explore.

Here are a few that caught our eye at EatDrinkSETX.com:

1. The South Texas State Fair Food Classics. Bear Country #1

  • Pork Kabobs
  • Boudain
  • Crawfish Pistolettes
  • Hamburgers
  • Foot Long Hot Dogs
  • Tater Twisters
South Texas State Fair Pork Kabob

Pork on a Stick

2. A Small Step Beyond. Chuck’s Eats

  • Stuffed Dill Pickle
  • Etouffee
  • Fried Milky Way on a Stick
  • Fried Snickers on a Stick
  • Crawfish Sausage and Boudain
  • Stuffed Cucumbers
  • Deer Sausage
South Texas State Fair Fried Snickers

Fried Snickers


3. They’ll Fry Anything. Fun Zone Food Service LLC #1

  • Fried Moon Pies
  • Fried Cheese Cake
  • Fried Twinkie
  • Fried Cookie Dough
  • Fried Brownies
  • Fried Candy Bars
  • Fried M&M’s
  • Fried Cheese on a Stick

Traditional or cutting edge, the 2014 South Texas State Fair has plent for Beaumont foodies to check out now through April 6th.

South Texas State Fair food

South Texas State Fair

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