The Brown Estate Hosts Southeast Texas Company Picnics

Southeast Texas Company Picnic VenueThe Brown Estate in Orange TX.

At one time, there was a robust tradition of Southeast Texas company picnics.

Now when so many companies are trying to cut back, one of the things that employees miss the most is the loss of their company picnic.

Brown Estate Orange Company Picnic

Southeast Texans work hard – long hours at demanding jobs.

The Southeast Texas company picnic was a chance to enjoy rare downtime with co-workers and to enjoy food and friendship.

When you have your accountant run the numbers, the company picnic is actually a pretty affordable perk to bring back for your employees.

When you do, consider hosting it at The Brown Estate.

The Brown Estate in Orange has beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities that are ideal for SETX company picnics.

They have their own catering staff if you don’t have the time to plan and coordinate bringing the picnic to life.

The Brown Estate is gated with a single entrance, so if you have privacy needs, the facility is easy to secure.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Southeast Texas Company Picnic VenueThe Brown Estate in Orange TX.

Call today to schedule a consultation – bringing back the Southeast Texas company picnic can be easier than you might think – and your employees will have a blast.

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