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craft beer Beaumont, craft beer Southeast Texas, craft beer SETX, craft beer review, craft beer Golden Triangle, beer selection Beaumont, beer selection Southeast Texas, beer selection setxToday’s Beaumont Craft Beer Review features “Sofie” from Goose Island Brewery.

Sofie is visually appealing, coming in a 765ml wine bottle.  This is a beer you could chill in an elegant champagne bucket for a Southeast Texas barbecue or picnic.

Goose Island makes a number of excellent craft beers that are available in Southeast Texas.

Their Sofie is a sparkling Belgian style farmhouse ale. It is wine barrel-aged for a sophisticated character. Unlike some beers with “born on” or “best by” dates Sofie just gets better in the bottle for up to five years (ours certainly never last that long!).

Open the bottle and pour a frosted mug of Belgian style bliss. Enjoy a peppery citrus flavor with a clean finish. Delightful.

Belgian Style Farmhouse Ales were originally brewed by those looking to attract – and keep – the best farm hands.

Today, serving your guests Sofie from Goose Island shows your good taste.

Sofie is a wonderful craft beer to share with your guests. From a casual get together to a formal occasion, Sofie makes a great impression.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Beaumont Craft Beer Review.

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