Beaumont Healthy Eating – Daddio’s Buffalo Burger

Daddio’s Burger  knows it can be a challenge for Beaumont to eat healthy.

If you are looking to enjoy healthier versions of your favorite foods, Daddio’s can help.

Blue Bell Shakes at Daddio's Burger Beaumont

How about a veggie burger?

Daddio’s Burger on Calder makes one of the best you’ll find anywhere. The fresh bun, crisp vegetables, and a great veggie pattie make for a pretty tasty option when you’re looking to eat healthy in Beaumont. If you are craving a burger and you have a friend who is a vegetarian, they will be pleased with this tasty Beaumont veggie burger. If you’re looking to eat a little healthier, you will enjoy it too.

If you’re looking for something even more outside the box, try an all-natural Daddio’s Buffalo Burger.

Buffalo (American Bison) is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken – even lower than fish.

Buffalo is one of the healthiest – and most delicious protiens and Daddio’s buffalo burgers are Beaumont’s best.

The Daddio’s Buffalo Burger is perfect when you’re looking to eat healthy in Beaumont. It has all the wonderful flavor of a gourmet Beaumont burger without the fat or cholesterol.

It’s a home run.

You can eat healthy in Beaumont – try a veggie burger or the Daddio’s buffalo burger.

VenueDaddio’s Burger
Address: 4230 Calder Ave, Beaumont, Texas 77706
Phone: (409) 898-1977
Hours: Open Monday thru Sunday, from 10:30a  until 9p

Daddio's Burger Calde Ave Beaumont


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