Beaumont’s Dessert Difference – Sababa Mediterranean Grill

Sababa Mediterranean Grill is a great Beaumont restaurant for a casual dessert date when you are looking for something different and memorable.

Dessert dates can be nice- the intimacy of a meal without the pressure of a ninety minute meal to fill with conversation before you get to know each other.

Sababa Middle Eastern Grill has a number of classic Mediterranean desserts that certainly qualify as memorable:

  • Sababa Baklava. Sweet, rich pastry combining layers of filo do with chopped nuts and fresh Mediterranean flavors.
  • Sababa Haresa. Sweet cake made of semolina (wheat).
  • Sababa Knafa. This is a cheesy pastry soaked in a sweet syrup. Very tasty.
  • Sababa Helba. This is like a next level Haresa seasoned with Fenugreek, anise, and cinnamon soaked in a sweet syrup.


Mediterranean Dessert Beaumont Tx - Middle Easter Dessert Beaumont Tx

Sababa Basboosa


Sababa Beaumont desserts go great with their hot drinks: Arabic coffee, American Coffee, and tea by the pot or by the cup.

If you are looking for something a little friendlier to the waistline, Sababa also has a number of fresh juices including:

  • Sababa fresh pomegranate juice
  • Sababa fresh carrot juice
  • Sababa fresh fruit cocktail
  • Sababa fresh squeezed strawberry banana juice

Whether you choose a refreshing fresh juice or a delicious sweet Middle Easter pastry, Sababa Middle Eastern Grill makes a great fun casual Beaumont date restaurant where you can discover new flavors – and more.

Beaumont carrot juice - Beaumont fresh pomegranate juice



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