Beaumont’s Pita Palace – Sababa Mediterranean Grill

The delicate flavor and texture of a pita both add to the flavor of the ingredients that fill them. Find great Beaumont pita wraps at Sababa Mediterranean Grill.

Sababa Beaumont is great whether you are looking for Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, even Indian. In this region many of the flavors blend and many of the cultures borrow spices and techniques to push flavor to the next level.

At Sababa Grill Beaumont you get many of the best from around the Mediterranean and Middle East including kabobs, hummus, baba ganoush, falafels, and pita wraps.

Beauont kabob - Beaumont Shawarma

You could spend two work weeks just sampling the different pita wraps:

  • Sababa Beef Kabob Pita Wrap
  • Sababa Chicken Kabob Wrap
  • Sababa Lamb Kabob Pita Wrap
  • Sababa Kofta Kabob Wrap (Yum!)
  • Sababa Beef Shawarma Pita Wrap
  • Sababa Falafel Wrap
  • Sababa Fried Eggplant Wrap (Great Beaumont Vegetarian Option)
  • Sababa Hummus Wrap (Cool, Fresh, and another great Beaumont Vegetarian Option)
  • Sababa Gyro Pita Wrap

Great pita wraps are all about freshness and flavor, and Sababa Middle Eastern Grill offers great pita wraps for a flavor hungry Beaumont.

Sababa Middle Eastern Beauont Tx

Sababa Middle Eastern Beaumont


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