Beaumont’s Quick Kabob at Sababa’s Mediterranean Grill

Kabob’s are the barbecue of the Mediterranean and Middle East – and they are hot, fast, and delicious at Beaumont’s Sababa Mediterranean Grill.

While you are out running errands, a Kabob is fast without tasting like fast food. It is also healthier- and more fun.

Sababa Grill Beaumont Mediterranean Restaurant

When you are looking for a hot, fresh, kabob in Beaumont, Sababa Mediterranean Grill has  a number of tasty options:

  • Sababa Mixed Grill: One kabob each of beef, lamb, and chicken. A great way to sample different flavors.
  • Sababa Lamb Rack Plate
  • Sababa Lamb Kabob Plate
  • Sababa Kofta Kabob Plate
  • Sababa Chicken Kabob Plate
  • Sababa Beef Kabob Plate

The fire kisses each kabob, sealing in flavors and juices for truly exemplary Beaumont kabob.

Next time you’re looking for hot, fresh, and flavorful, stop in for a Sababa Mediterranean Grill Kabob.

Sababa Middle Eastern Beauont Tx


Beauont kabob - Beaumont Shawarma


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