Don’t Drink and Drive 2014 South Texas State Fair

The 2014 South Texas State Fair will be a time for fun, enjoyed by all ages. Great Beer Great Responsibility Miller - Giglio - Yellow Cab Beaumont

Giglio Distributing reminds Beaumont not to drink and drive.

Giglio Distributing Miller / Coors sponsors the Beaumont “Great Beer Great Responsibility Campaign” promoting awareness across Southeast Texas year round.

If you are drinking at the South Texas State Fair:

  • Call a Cab: (409) 860-3335
  • Call a friend or loved one
  • Use the designated driver system

Enjoy the 2014 South Texas State Fair – responsibly.

Thank-you to Giglio Distributing / Miller / Coors for bringing the “Great Beer Great Responsibility Campaign” to Southeast Texas.

South Texas State Fair


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