Happy Cinco de Mayo from US Lawns of Beaumont

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Did you know Cinco de Mayo is not a big celebration in Mexico?

The holiday has become significant with Mexican Americans here in the United States.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates an underdog victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, during the same time period as our own Civil War.

The victory was galvanizing for the Mexican forces — and for those supporting them from afar — but it was short-lived, as France later occupied Mexico for a few years.

Cinco de Mayo today  celebrated in the Puebla area within Mexico and, perhaps more significantly, by our Mexican-American neighbors here in Southeast Texas.

The origins have become less important – today Cinco de Mayo can be seen more as a Mexican American heritage day.

US Lawns of Beaumont wishes one and all a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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