Marble Slab – Beaumont

Venue: Marble Slab Creamery
4106 Dowlen Rd # B, Beaumont  TX 77706
Hours/ Days Open:
Sunday  through Thursday 11a-10p
Friday & Saturday 11a-11p
Phone: (409) 866-4740 ‎
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As soon as you walk through the door you are greeted by the freshly baked smell of waffle cones. Visitors to Marble Slab Creamery are treated to an experience from years past. Here, ice cream cones are still molded by hand with the help of waffle irons and each store makes its own ice cream fresh–no factory shipped boxes of pre-made ice cream. Flavors range from vanilla to birthday cake. Other dessert alternatives are offered including frozen yogurt, milk shakes, smoothies, assortment of cakes and sundaes.

Catered Event
From birthday parties to reunions, company picnics to trade shows, office parties, or any other special event, Marble Slab Creamery can bring a gourmet touch to any occasion. Whether you want a Sundae Bar or a Portable Slab, your guests will be in ice cream heaven as we dish out the freshest ice cream in the world. To inquire about catering call 409-651-8540

Marble Slab Creamery Ice Cream Flavors
(Also, new flavors  offered seasonally, so stop by and see whats new)
* Pick your own toppings :Fresh Fruits, candies, cookies, fancy sprinkles,  fine nuts, and more!
SWEET CREAM – Their cream is delivered fresh from the dairy, then churned one batch at a time to give their Sweet Cream the dreamiest taste around.

VANILLA – It’s the most popular flavor on the planet. And their vanilla is the creamiest anywhere, made with the world’s finest Madagascan vanilla, one delicious batch at a time.

VANILLA BEAN – Marble Slab traveled all the way to the rainforests of Madagascar for the world’s finest vanilla beans. So you can be sure, there’s nothing plain about this vanilla.

FRENCH VANILLA – Its rich, European taste comes from a creamy French custard and their pure Madagascan Vanilla. Ooh, la, la!

VANILLA CINNAMON – their creamy Vanilla is flavored with vanilla beans imported all the way from Madagascar, then they added a dash of spicy cinnamon. Yum.

BUTTER PECAN – Only the finest natural ingredients are good enough for this buttery concoction. It’s been a Southern favorite for generations.

STRAWBERRY – The secret is in the freshness. They use only big, beautiful, ripe, red strawberries and mix them with their homemade Sweet Cream.

COFFEE – An eye-opening combination of their Sweet Cream and a robust brew – an elixir for the coffee connoisseur.

CHEESECAKE – The creamiest cheese and other natural ingredients make for a delicious Cheesecake. You’ll gobble it up in a New York minute.

AMARETTO – A triumphant merger of rich Sweet Cream and natural amaretto flavoring, their Amaretto is an indulgent pleasure.

RUM – Natural rum flavoring is blended with their famous Sweet Cream for a taste of the Caribbean in a cone or cup.

PEANUT BUTTER – If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you’ll love this smooth and creamy blend. It’s perfection for the palate.

PEANUT BUTTER BANANA – Inspired by a childhood favorite, this tasty blend of creamy peanut butter and fresh bananas will bring out the kid in everyone.

FUDGE – For chocolate lovers only. It’s the same rich, creamy fudge they use on their Sundaes and Splits, mixed with their famous Sweet Cream.

CHOCOLATE SWISS – Made with cocoa imported from Europe, this extra rich chocolate ice cream has a distinct Alpine flair.

CHOCOLATE MINT – Rich, creamy imported chocolate and fresh, cool mint. What a refreshing combination.

CHOCOLATE RUM – Imported European chocolate and natural rum flavors are blended to luscious perfection. It’s like a vacation for your mouth.

CHOCOLATE AMARETTO – Made with the finest Dutch chocolate and natural amaretto flavoring, this delicious concoction is the ideal blend of two classic European favorites.

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER – They’ve combined fine European chocolate and creamy peanut butter for one of the richest flavors you’ll ever experience.

DOUBLE DARK CHOCOLATE – Rich, dark, delicious chocolate, times two. Chocolate lovers, it doesn’t get better than this.

BIRTHDAY CAKE – A happy combination of our famous Sweet Cream with the flavor of freshly baked cake. It makes any day a celebration.

MAPLE – The secret is in the maple and theirs is naturally the best. Sweet, creamy and delicious.

MANGO – Tropical mangos plucked straight from lush evergreen trees provide the fruity richness of this summertime favorite.

HONEY – They start with their dreamy Sweet Cream and mix in the highest quality honey. Oh, such sweet rewards.

CARAMEL – They swirl ribbons of creamy caramel into their Sweet Cream ice cream, one rich batch at a time.

APPLE ‘N’ SPICE – Fruit and spice and everything nice, that’s what this delicious ice cream is made of.

BUBBLEGUM – Sweet and oh so pink, their Bubblegum is as fun as it is yummy. A favorite for kids of all ages.

PUMPKIN – A harmonious celebration of real pumpkin and seasonal spices, there’s a little bit of Autumn in every bite.

PRALINE – They start with their famous Sweet Cream, then blend in the same velvety caramel they use on their Sundaes. It’s their delicious take on an old Southern favorite.

BANANA – Sweet, ripe bananas fresh from the tree give this creamy treat its fresh tropical flavor.

BANANA RUM – Ripe bananas add a fruity freshness and natural rum flavor adds a kick to this exotic, flavorful blend.

LEMON CUSTARD – When life gives us lemons, have some Lemon Custard. A little tart, a little sweet, a lot of creamy goodness.

COCONUT – One bite of this tropical favorite and you’ll be dreaming of the islands. A little nutty, a little fruity, this creamy concoction is as refreshing as a cool breeze.

RASPBERRY – Plump, ripe berries blended with rich Sweet Cream make this combination as beautiful as it is delicious.

EGG NOG – A little spice and a lot of creamy goodness, nothing says holidays like the rich flavor of Egg Nog.

BLACK WALNUT – The sweetness of their super premium ice cream enhances the rich nutty flavor of black walnuts, grown in America and harvested at the peak of freshness.

PEPPERMINT – Made with the flavor of fresh mint and colorful bits of candy, this perennial classic is as attractive as it is delicious.

PEACH – Creamy, dreamy and packed with fresh peach flavor. You’ll love this cool, summertime favorite.

PIÑA COLADA – They’ve added pineapple to their creamy Coconut ice cream. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to Cozumel.

MOCHA – Fresh-brewed coffee enhances the richness of delicious imported chocolate. It’s a flavorful combination that’s hard to top.

KEY LIME – From the southern-most tip of the United States comes a little lime with big flavor. It adds pizzazz to this sweet and sour sensation.

CINNAMON – They’ve added the spicy flavor of cinnamon to their famous Sweet Cream ice cream. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

BLUEBERRY – Got the blues? Delicious blueberries blended with Sweet Cream make this a tasty pick-me-up!

PISTACHIO – Made with the highest quality pistachios and natural essences, their creamy Pistachio is an all-time favorite.

COTTON CANDY – Colorful, sweet and deliciously creamy. It’s their fresh take on a classic circus treat.

WHITE CHOCOLATE – Cocoa butter and milk create a silky smooth white chocolate flavor that melts in your mouth.

BLACK CHERRY – Made with the all natural black cherry juice; it’s pure, sweet and perfectly creamy.


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