Beaumont Lunch – Right Sized. Quiche at Bando’s Beaumont

Looking the perfect Beaumont lunch portion – filling without being overwhelming? Bando’s has you covered.

There used to be a saying, “Real men don’t eat quiche.”

Who came up with that? beaumont lunch - beaumont Tx quiche

  • Men like eggs
  • Men like cheese
  • Men like meat
  • Men like pie

Quiche is basically a cheesy egg pie with meat, so clearly quiche is obviously an ideal food for men.

It’s also a right sized lunch for any Beaumont diner looking to eat healthy.

It has your protein and your vegetables and lots of natural vitamins and minerals. It also tastes GREAT.

In Beaumont, men can discover quiche at Bando’s.

Bando’s has a well deserved reputation for providing some of the finest freshly prepared food in Southeast Texas.

Bando’s quiche certainly lives up to that reputation- light, fluffy, fresh, and filling.

In Southeast Texas, “Real men do eat quiche”- at Bando’s.

Bando’s quiche is a perfect lunch portion for anyone looking for a healthy, delicious Beaumont lunch.

quiche Beaumont Tx - healthy lunch Beaumont Tx

Quiche Beaumont Tx



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