SETX Slurpees

Some of us locals have had the pleasure of tasting the Slurpee at least once in our lives when we have traveled outside the perimeters of our region. But for the most part, Southeast Texans have been taunted for years with commercials and advertisements in print for the elusive Slurpee. Only elusive because we were 7-Eleven poor in SETX. But that is about to change.

Recently a few local Speedy Stop locations have been bought out by 7 Eleven, the country’s largest convenience store chain. Remodels on all locations should be completed this year.

  • 501 Washington Blvd. in Beaumont
  • 5590 Calder Ave. in Beaumont 
  • and 7110 Eastex Freeway, in Beaumont 
  • 527 Texas 87 South, in West Orange

Originating in 1965,  with amazing flavors added frequently, The Slurpee is so popular, it has it’s very own website – See here

If you have never had a Slurpee, we are sure you will learn first had soon why it’s so popular. There will be nothing better than a nice, cold, icy Slurpee when our Southeast Texas weather gets hot!


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