Southeast Texas Football Tailgating with Collegiate Sunglass Holders from Bando’s

Southeast Texas football fans have mastered the art of tailgating. Pull up to a Lamar game and you’ll see fans smoking briskets, enjoying boudain, and pitching washers.

Southeast Tailgating is awesome. And delicious.

Bando's Beaumont has collegiate logo sunglass holders

Your favorite SEC teams

What’s not awesome is when your moving from tailgate to tailgate, partying with other fans, and at some point you realize you have no idea where you put your sunglasses down.

Not only do you need your sunglasses to watch the now super red hot and high scoring Lamar Cardinals play football, you’ll quickly get tired of donating perfectly good sunglasses to random strangers.

The good news is you’ve lost your last pair of sunglasses. Bando’s Beaumont has collegiate sunglass holders with the logo of your favorite college team. Bam. Back in business.

Bando’s Beaumont has most Southeast Texas college football fans covered:

  • LSU
  • Texas Tech
  • Ole Miss
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • University of Texas
  • Lamar
  • Texas A&M
Several more teams are available.

With the money you’ll save by not losing your sunglasses every weekend, you can bring the beer to the next tailgate.

Bando's Beaumont has college logo sunglass holders

Don’t lose your sunglasses in Austin.


Southeast Texas tailgaters get college themed sunglass holders at Bando's Beaumont

Geaux Tigers


Looking for a fun lunch in Beaumont? Bando's

Great lunch, catering, and gift shop – wonderful collegiate gifts

Southeast Texas tailgaters use the designated driver program or take a cab.

Lamar fans- use the designated driver system or call a cab.


Beaumont restaurant marketing



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